Carpet Brooksville What are the advantages of carpet floors compared to hardwood?

It a conundrum of the twenty-first century. When I get new floors for my new residence, should I go with carpet or hardwood floors? Although most of the time it comes down to the homeowner’s aesthetic preference, there are in fact some logical reasons to choose carpet over hardwood.

The first aspect people usually consider over anything else is how much is this project going to cost me? Carpet, Brookville’s number one flooring option for homeowners, Is considerably cheaper compared to hardwood flooring options. Depending on the material used in the project and the region you live in, Carpet is anywhere from about two dollars a square foot to about ten dollars a square foot. Hardwood however usually starts at five dollars a square foot and can be seen being installed at fifteen dollars a square foot.

Carpet floors are also better at stopping excess noise and noise pollution in a residence. Hardwood bounces sounds pretty well making them noisy. This can making walking, scratching, or scuffing floors very loud. One of the advantages of carpet, Brooksville residents should know that carpet is great at absorbing sound. This is why whenever you see a music room or a production room that it is always lined with carpet, even sometimes on the walls just to absorb even more sound.

Another interesting advantage of having carpet over hardwood floors is that fact that having carpet can actually save money for you in the long run!

Carpet just like that of your homes insulation, can be replaced to help you lower your electric bill.  Although it might only save you thirty to forty five dollars a year to install new carpet, Brooksville residences can also change their windows, AC units and insulation to see big returns each month.

Why pay for the high price of hardwood floors but not get any economic returns? Carpet is not just a floor, but rather a component in your homes environment that can reap benefits.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Proline Tile Distributors*