Carpet Spring Hill How Professionals Install New Carpet

Installing carpet is not as easy as simply placing new material over the existing carpet. There is a lot of work that is involved to prepare a room or a home for new carpet. Spring Hill residents need to be aware that there is as much math involved in changing floors as there is in physical labor. Contractors need to make sure they have exactly as much carpet as they need and not too much more as any type of flooring is measured by the squared foot and is expensive. Not only is carpet needed, but there are other materials involved with the project such as tackless strips, carpet cushioning, staples, scissors and other blades to get the job done.

Calculating the Material Costs

With any renovation or construction project, and especially with flooring, it is very important get your measurements right to accurately determine the amount of materials that are needed for your project. The flooring material is already expensive enough, and no one ever wants to spend more money on items they are not even going to need. With installing carpet, Spring Hill residents should always take into account that they might need a little extra material in case of errors, irregularities or some carpets need to have their patterns matched. After all materials are acquired, it is important to remove all old flooring and clean up underneath to ensure the new carpet as a nice even surface to be placed on.

Where do Professionals Begin with Carpet Installation?

Once the floor has been cleaned, the first step for most flooring professionals installing carpet would be to set up tackless strips around the perimeter of the room or home you are trying to replace with carpet. Spring Hill floor installers would usually then add a carpet pad and stable it to the tackless strips. One the pad has been trimmed and fitted, it is finally time to install the carpet. But it is not ready to be walked on yet, it must be resized and secured to the floor before it is finally ready.

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Glass Mosaics Spring Hill The History of Mosaic Art

Mosaic art and designs are very popular in home renovation projects, especially for rooms that have water access like a bathroom or a kitchen; stones and glass are very good materials for keeping out water as well as being durable. But adding mosaics to a home to add beauty and value is not a modern invention. Instead, mosaic art has actually been in use for thousands of years. While they were not always glass mosaics, Spring Hill residents can still see the same design of having little pieces of material make up a larger picture or design going back at least four thousand years.

Romans Did Not Invent Mosaic Designs and Artwork

Romans invented and innovated a lot of new ideas and technology, and some of the best examples of ancient mosaics come from the Roman civilization, but they did not invent them. When it comes to who invented the first glass mosaics, Spring Hill residents are able to look up examples that predate the Roman civilization that were found in the middle east. The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia has the oldest known examples of mosaic artwork. Initially, not only glass was used for their depictions but various other colored stones, gems, and materials were used to make these designs. From Mesopotamia, the knowledge of mosaic making spread to Greece, North Africa and later to neighboring Rome and beyond.

How did Mosaics Make a Come Back?

Although it is a little hard to say when exactly a resurgence of popularity for mosaic artwork came to be, it is a more accepted assumption that mosaics as an artform that never went out of style. After the ancient civilizations of antiquity collapsed, Islamic societies and cultures began to utilize glass mosaics. Spring Hill residents who have ever been to church probably have seen mosaics or glass window panes before, suggesting that after antiquity, mosaics were known for being beautiful and precious. Because of modern glass making and ceramic making, mosaics have lost their glamor associated with them, but they still remain popular as being great pieces of artwork for modern homes.

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Laminates Spring Hill Are Laminate Floors Cheaper Than Carpet?

One aspect of deciding what flooring an individual would like to have in their home is the price of the materials and labor. For that reason, many people choose to have carpet in their homes because the upfront costs are usually cheaper than that of hardwoods or laminates. Spring Hill residents who are interested in purchasing more affordable flooring for their home might want to consider laminates. Depending on the number of people in your family as well as the number of pets you own, the average carpet flooring is only expected to last somewhere between eight and twelve years. Laminate is a lot cheaper than hardwoods, but it can last just as long if properly taken care of.

Why Should I Consider Laminates?

A lot of people dismiss laminate and hardwood floors from their list to add to their home because they think that they cannot afford the initial upfront costs. While it is true that carpet will be cheaper to purchases per sq. foot and to install, but it can end up costing you more if you have to replace your carpet. Manufactures recommend to replace your carpet after a while because fibers will break down over time. With laminates, Spring Hill residents can expect this synthetic hardwood to last up to around twenty-five years, depending on if they were installed properly and if they were taken care off.

Aren’t Laminate Floors Hard to Take Care of?

Hardwood floors have this reputation as being really hard to keep nice. It is very easy to scuff or crack floor boards that many people think that carpet is a great alternative to this stress. Unfortunately, there is just as much work involved with taking care of carpet flooring as there is with hardwoods and laminates. Spring Hill residents would have to vacuum regularly to keep dirt and dust from making a carpet look dingy. Consequently, carpets are also prone to accidents such as a pet creating a mess or someone spilling some food or a beverage. Laminates are still a great option for flooring that people should consider regardless of the upfront costs.

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Specialty Tiles Spring Hill Popular Types of Specialty Tiles

If you are someone who is looking into having tiles placed on a surface of your home, chances are you have already looked into the popular options of both glass and porcelain tiles. While these designs are the most popular, making it seem like they are the only materials on the market but in fact there is a whole array of different choices of specialty tiles. Spring Hill residents who do not like the idea of glass or porcelain tiles included in their home remodel have many other materials and styles to consider that it can actually be overwhelming for some. Here are some of the more popular specially designs.

Three-Dimensional Specialty Tiles

One of the styles that is growing the fastest in popularity in recent years are tiles that are designed to have textured designs that pop out from a normally flat surface. With these specialty tiles, Spring Hill residents performing a home renovation can use them as wall tiles or even flooring tiles with great effect. Three-dimensional cladding creates an appealing and dynamic look thanks to lighting and shadow effects created by the reliefs on the surface. One example of this style is flooring tile designed to look and feel like a wooden floor concept without all the hassle and extra care that would be needed.

Marble Tiles are Always in Style

It may not be the cheapest alternative, but marble tiles still are and have always been a great option if you are looking for a specialty tiles. Spring Hill residents who can afford this material might want to consider marble because it has great resale value for your home. The only problem with marble besides the price is it is a material that needs a lot of care and attention. Marble can be easily scratched and damaged, making it a bad choice for a home with small children and pets. Marble is also more susceptible to water damage then their glass and porcelain counterparts.

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Pool Tiles Spring Hill Glass and Porcelain Pool Tiles

Swimming pools and their designs have come a long way from traditional single color rectangular pools. In modern times the trend has been to have your pool tiled with either glass or porcelain tiles to give your swimming pool some color and beauty. When it comes to glass and porcelain pool tiles, Spring Hill residents may have a hard time choosing between the two because to them, glass and ceramics are almost exactly the same with the exception of appearance. There are quite a few different reasons why someone would consider glass tiles over porcelain ones and vice versa.

Glass Tiles and What Makes Them Unique

Glass is a special building material that can add dimension to any space or room. Glass is great choice for smaller projects like back splashes or water lines around the top of a swimming pool because it creates contrast between traditional materials such as wood and ceramics. When it comes to pool tiles, Spring Hill residents would be making a great choice with glass because it comes in many patterns and colors that can be used as accents in conjunction with porcelain pool tiles. The one downfall with glass is that they are considered a luxury material, making them a little more expensive over their porcelain counterparts. One advantage to glass though is they are not hard to clean, making them very low maintenance.

Why Porcelain Tiles are Still a Contender

Porcelain is a cheaper and solid alternative to glass pool tiles. Spring Hill residents will find porcelain tiles great for high traffic areas because of their durability and stain resistant capabilities. Ceramics make for a great material both in and around the pool as they are very good at keeping moisture out from not being porous and do not heat up as much as glass tiles would. The one disadvantage of porcelain tiles is that they have to be secured with grout that is susceptible to water damage and staining over time.

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Backsplashes Spring Hill Reasons to Install a Backsplash in Your Home

Backsplashes are one of the most inexpensive ways to completely transform the look and feel of a room, or to fill some empty wall space. A lot of people are under the impression that there is only a decorative reason to put up backsplashes. Spring Hill residents should know that there are actually some practical reasons to have a backsplash put up on a wall in your home. Backsplashes come in many different sizes, with different materials all capable of being made into any color to match the current scheme or layout of your home.

Backsplashes Help Protect the Surface it Covers

Most people put backsplashes in a room or on a surface because the materials that they are made out of (glass, porcelain, stone, etc.) are known for being water resistant. Kitchens, bathrooms, and sometimes even pools and laundry rooms are all valuable places to install panels of backsplashes. Spring Hill residents who have backsplashes in their homes will rarely have to worry about water damage and all the problems that come with it. Mold and mildew complications as well as structural issues are all common dealing with water damage that a backsplash can help prevent.

Backsplashes are Easy to Maintain and Help Cut Down on Cleaning

When you install a backsplash on the wall of your room, it may help you shorten the time it takes to clean that area. Water resistance makes it possible to clean a backsplash with just about anything even if it is just soap and water. Another benefit of installing your home with backsplashes, Spring Hill residents will find that the glass and porcelain used in these backsplash designs are stain resistant. Not only are they stain resistant, but they are also durable and tend to last a long time. They are just as easy to maintain as they are to clean.

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Wall Tiles Spring Hill How a glass tile backsplash can change your kitchen

Are you finally ready to re-do your kitchen? One of the best ways to give your kitchen a make-over is adding in a modern, clean and stylish back splash. This adds extra pizzazz and instantly makes everything look more expensive. When it comes to picking out a back splash you have many different options of wall tiles. Spring Hill locals that are renovating their homes are going more towards glass wall tiles over any other option. Glass wall tiles are a great option for any style because they are diverse in shape and the color options are endless.

Why choose glass wall tiles for your back splash?

Shape and size – One of the best things about glass wall tiles are the shapes and sizes. Unlike other wall tile options, they are able to be broken down into small pieces and formed in many different ways. This gives you more options to choose from and also what best fits your style.

Timeless – When choosing any update for you home you want to make sure it’s not a fade that will soon fade. Even if you plan on staying in the home for years to come – you never know what the future holds and you may need to sell your home. Glass wall tiles are classy and sophisticated and with the different accents can be hip and modern as well.

Easy to care for – Glass wall tiles are beautiful and easy to clean! Since glass is a non-porous material, nothing can really settle into it. This is why glass wall tiles are the number one choice for a kitchen! If you love cooking, you know that sometimes it can get a little messy, with a glass back splash your kitchen will always look fresh and clean!

If you are looking for wall tiles in Spring Hill, look no further! Here at ProLine Tile, we have been serving the area for years and have many glass wall tile options that will suite everyone’s tastes! Still not sold on the glass tile? We have many other back splash options that you can choose from! Come in today and see how we can help you get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!

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Hardwoods Spring Hill Hardwood flooring: is it really the best?

When it comes to flooring, hardwoods are always the top choice. Not only is it visually beautiful, but hardwoods are timeless. There has never been a time that hardwood flooring hasn’t been the more favored choice in flooring and it seems like that won’t ever change. It is a classic look that will increase the value of your home significantly, especially if you own a home in Spring Hill. Hardwoods are such a great choice for your homes flooring for many reasons and here are just a few:

Versatile. Hardwoods be installed throughout the home, even in the bathroom. There is no need to have two or three different flooring throughout your home when it comes to hardwoods!

Beautiful. As mentioned before, hardwoods are a beautiful choice when it comes to flooring. It instantly adds sophistication to a home and it is one of those styles that never fade.

Unique. There are no two hardwoods that are the same. Every stroke in the wood and color combination will differ from wood to wood. This makes your hardwood flooring special and unique to you home and your style.

Clean. Unlike carpets and grout (with tile), hardwoods stay much cleaner and it doesn’t hold smells. This can be great for home owners who have pets.

Timeless. A huge plus with hardwoods is being able to keep them in your home for years and years. You can even keep them fresh and brand new since they are able to be refurbished once they start looking a bit dull.

Manageable. One of the top reasons home owners choose hardwoods over any other flooring is how easy it is to clean and keep up with. With just a broom and a lightly damped mop, you can have your hardwood looking brand new.

There is no need to search long when it comes to finding hardwoods in Spring Hill. We have many different types of hardwood flooring options and colors to suite anyone’s personal style! We love helping our customers find the wood flooring that is best for them. Come see what we have at Proline Tile today!

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Floor Tiles Spring Hill Picking the right tile for your life

Your home is one of the most important parts of your life. It is where family memories will be made and future events will take place. This is your home and you want it to be perfect. Which is why deciding on what type of flooring you’ll have throughout your home is very important. One of the most ideal flooring options are floor tiles. Spring Hill homes mostly choose floor tiles for their durability and the easy clean up. The great thing about floor tiles is that the options are endless. There are so many colors, shapes and designs that anyone can find someone they will love for their home.

What are the most popular tile options?

Ceramic – One of the more popular floor tile options are ceramic tiles. They are durable, affordable and have an array of color and style choices. These floor tiles are great for bathrooms and kitchens and are just about the easiest flooring to clean.

Travertine – This is a bit more expensive than ceramic but has a great durability. It also is a wonderful option to put throughout the entire home. It looks expensive but doesn’t cost nearly as much as marble. This is a great option for those who want to keep their home looking modern and fresh over time.

Marble – Marble floor tiles are a beautiful, classic option for any home. It is on the most expensive side but worth it for the long haul. It is durable and beautiful. It comes in many colors and can instantly add value to your home.

Granite – Granite is the most expensive of the popular floor tiles. But rightfully so, this incredible flooring is not only beautiful, it will last forever. Scratches are no match for granite floor tiles. This is a great option for those who have children and want to keep their flooring looking brand new for many, many years.

Finding the right floor tiles, near Spring Hill, doesn’t have to be a long process. We have many different floor tile options that will help get create the home of your dreams. There is no doubt that your home means a lot to you and your family, make it something you can be proud of with beautiful floor tiles.

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Flooring Spring Hill Choosing the Right Flooring

Spring Hill homeowners who are ready to replace their flooring are faced with many choices in terms of flooring types, colors and styles. There’s carpeting, hardwood floors, laminate flooring and tile (amongst others!) So what points should you consider as you choose new flooring? Well, keep reading to learn more!

Tips for Selecting the Right Flooring

Spring Hill residents should begin by considering their lifestyle and other needs, such as indoor air quality-related requirements. For instance, if you have asthma and other respiratory issues, carpeting may be a bad choice due to its propensity for harboring dust mites and allergens. Similarly, if you have pets and/or children, carpeting and hardwood flooring may not stand up to the wear and tear, resulting in stains, scratches and other damage.

So really consider how tough you are on your floors and be honest in terms of how frequently you’re willing to clean your floors, as carpeting will require very frequent vacuuming and time-consuming shampooing sessions on a regular basis.

Carpeting is a good pick if you and your family are easy on your floors and don’t have sensitivities to dust mites and allergens. It’s also very budget-friendly and there are lots of different styles available. But the cleaning requirements can be significant.

Hardwood floors look great and they can last for many years, but they cannot be exposed to moisture and scratching can occur, especially if you have pets. Refinishing the floors may be required every 10 to 15 years (or sooner if you’re rough on your floors. Refinishing can be a very time-consuming and messy project.  Laminate flooring gives you a similar look, but for a lower price. The durability can be comparable in some high-end flooring.

Spring Hill natives may also consider tile. Tile flooring is one of the most popular choices due to its extreme durability and the affordability (although some high quality tiles can be quite pricey). Tile flooring is great because if a tile is cracked (typically due to dropping a heavy object or due to improper installation on an un-level surface), you can replace just that one tile. The same goes for grout, which can be easily removed if it is stained or damaged.

Tile can also last for many, many years. Plus, it’s a great pick for homeowners who suffer from allergies and indoor air quality sensitivities because tile does not harbor dust and allergens like carpeting and the tile does not typically give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other indoor air pollutants that can be emitted by wood flooring finishes. Its factors such as these that makes tile flooring a top pick amongst homeowners who are ready to revamp the look of their home.

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