Wall Tiles Masaryktown Wall Tiles Purchase & Maintenance

When it comes to tile maintenance, where you buy your wall tiles Masaryktown will influence the quality and consequently your ability to maintain them so that they can serve their purpose for the longest time possible. How your tiles are installed in the first place also affects how well they can survive cleaning and maintenance. If the installation was poor, cleaning them on a regular basis will lead to them falling apart earlier than should be expected.

However suppose you bought your tiles from a reputable retailer such as Proline Tile Distributors and had a qualified tile professional install them for you, there are certain maintenance tips that can help ensure that they give you service for many years to come without any damage.

General Guidelines

Frequency. The number one key to ensuring your wall tiles Masaryktown Tiles stay in top shape is by cleaning them regularly. Especially your bathroom tiles which are exposed to moisture most of the time and kitchen tiles which experience high traffic and dirt frequently. It is easiest to clean your bathroom wall tiles when the bathroom is steamy and warm or after taking a hot shower. Alternatively, you can run a hot shower before cleaning the wall tiles so as to loosen the grime and dirt on the walls.

You could use a natural solution which is preferred because of its non-toxicity or an environment-friendly over the counter bathroom wall tile cleaner.

Glass & Ceramic Tiles

Cleaning your glass or ceramic wall tiles Masaryktown is the easiest to tackle as long as they have a glaze on them. When using a commercial cleaner, ensure the product is appropriate for cleaning grout found between the tiles.

Use a cleaner that will not be abrasive or cause scratches on the tile. Soft cloth, mop or sponge are ideal for the job.

Ensure you rinse off all the product after cleaning using clean water and then dry the wall thereafter using a microfiber cloth which helps maintain the tiles’ shine. Glazed tiles rarely stains but the grout between them is likely to so pay particular attention there when cleaning. You could use a toothbrush to scrub off the dirt from the grout.


Other than staining, over time, the grout between your wall tiles but break down and fall off leaving spaces in between your tiles and this can lead to breaking or cracking of wall tiles. If the grout is extensively damaged, your tiles could fall off from the wall.

You can get a professional to re-grout your walls or do it yourself. Premixed and powdered grout is available in local stores and comes with details instructions on how to apply them. They are also affordable and not hard to apply on your own. After application, leave the grout overnight so that it sets properly before buffing off the excess using a soft cotton cloth.

Proline Tile Distributors care about your wall tiles Masaryk town space and that is why they give you customer service beyond the sale of your wall tiles. If you need any help with maintenance, buy your tiles from Proline Tile Distributors and you’ll get the best after sale assistance.

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Wall Tiles Ridge Manor How to Choose the Right Wall Tiles for Your Space

Just because it’s a wall tile doesn’t mean it can be applied to any wall. Some wall tiles are specifically designed for the kitchen walls, bathroom walls, living area and so on and so forth. To meet your wall tiles Ridge Manor needs, you must know exactly what to look out for.
Whether you’re building or renovating your space, getting the right tiles that serve the function and blend in with your décor can be frustrating but not when you know how to go about it.
Consider the Area
Are the tiles you’re looking for going to be applied in a high traffic area? Will they be in an area exposed to sun, rain or water?
The good thing about wall tiles is that you can use some floor tiles as wall tiles. So if you find a really nice floor tile that blends in with all the other elements in your space, you can consider using it on your wall as well.
The kitchen is considered a high traffic environment and you, therefore, pick durable tiles that are slightly darker and those that conceal dirt and scratches for your kitchen wall. Go for PEI 3 tile rating for your kitchen.
Because bathrooms and bedrooms are considered low traffic zones, PEI 1 and 2 rated tiles are suitable for this spaces. These tend to be less heavy and lighter in color.
If you want to have tiles on your outside walls, then consider going for frost resistant tiles that can withstand harsh weather conditions be it too much sunlight or wet conditions. Natural stone and porcelain tiles are the most ideal for your outdoor walls.
Because the bathroom and kitchen walls are likely to get splashed with water on a regular basis when picking wall tiles for this area consider slip resistance as well as water absorption.
Choosing the Right Type of Tile
When it comes to types of tiles to choose from, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. From porcelain, glazed porcelain, to ceramic and so much more.
Porcelain is one of the strongest types of tile and it possesses incredible resistance to stains. It I made from ceramic materials just like glazed ceramic tiles, but the pressing is usually fired higher than what you’d find in ceramic tiling. They are therefore ideal for high traffic areas and the outdoors.
When it comes to porcelain tiles for your wall Tiles Ridge Manor home, you can go for unglazed or glazed porcelain. Unglazed porcelain tiles usually have uniform color and a glaze that adds to their aesthetics. They are therefore ideal for bathrooms and the outdoors because they possess frost resistance. When in large pieces, they look great in open plan living spaces.
If you’re looking for an imitation of natural stone, then inkjet ceramic are perfect. They are trendy and cheaper than natural stone tiles and ideal for those seeking a natural look. They go very well with wooden flooring and look great in open living spaces.
Visit Proline Tile Distributors for your entire wall Tiles Ridge Manor requirements and get the best customer service in the region.

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Wall Tiles Pine Island 5 reasons to tile your wall in your bathroom

One of the most renovated rooms in a home is the bathroom. This can be because it is one of the places where you go home and you relax in your bathtub or a nice long shower. Since, you’ll be in there frequently – it is important for it to look its best! One of the best things you can do for your bathroom is install wall tiles. Pine Island residents know all too well about the moisture and humidity that builds up in the bathroom. This is why wall tiles are such a great option!

Here are some other reasons why wall tiles are a great option for your bathroom!

Moisture – Moisture obviously is going to be high in your bathroom. If you have paint or wallpaper on your bathroom walls the moisture can start breaking it down over time. Wall tiles can withstand the moisture for many, many years and be less likely to break down and have mold issues.

Clean – Wall tiles are much easier to clean than any other wall service. The bathroom is the one room that needs to be cleaned the most and it is important to have a service that can be sanitized without breaking down the wall.

Stylish – Wall tiles are so great because they come in many different styles and colors. From small to large, triangle to square, and pink to green there is a wall tile style for everyone!

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom in Pine Island? Wall tiles are a great option! ProLine Tile is right around the corner and is ready to help you find a tile that is going to work for your budget and for you home. Looking for something else? ProLine Tile has much more than just tile. If you are looking for flooring, backsplashes, and even tile for just your shower they are here to give you the best advice and a great price! There is no need to look anywhere else when you have the pros at ProLine Tile to help!

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Wall Tiles Weeki Wachee How to keep bathroom grout clean

One of the problems that people have with wall tiles in the bathroom is keeping the grout clean. It can be easy to let that build up take over your wall and give your bathroom a dirty feel, no matter how clean it is! So, here are some tips that we have put together to help you keep that bathroom grout clean on your wall tiles. Weeki Wachee homemakers that have tried everything else have found these steps to be the most effective on cleaning their grout. This may be tips to get your wall tile grout clean but this is great on floor tile grout as well!

Baking soda and vinegar – Using ingredients that you most likely have in your home already is usually the best for your grout! Baking soda and vinegar seem to be that unbeatable cleaning agent that works fantastic on grout in the bathroom.

  • Mix baking soda and water until you get a thicker paste.
  • Take that paste and apply it to an old tooth brush then scrub, scrub, scrub.
  • Mix together vinegar and water and put on the grout.
  • Let it sit for an hour
  • Come back and scrub again – then rinse!

Before you know it you will have clean, sparkling grout that will instantly upgrade your bathroom.

Lemon Juice and Borax – Another option for grout that is a bit more built up than others is to try borax and lemon juice. Follow the same steps as above but instead of vinegar just use warm water! Make sure to let the solution sit for you about an hour to get the best results. And if you really want to get your wall tile grout extra clean – do both of the options! In this order start with the baking soda, then move to the borax. You will be sure to have shining grout before you know it!

It may seem like a long process to properly clean and care for your wall tiles. But Weeki Wachee homeowners all agree that it is well worth a day of cleaning for months of a clean bathroom! Also, cleaning your wall tiles will help remove any mildew smells from your bathroom! Be sure to seal the entire deal with a grout sealant so you only have to come back every so often to keep it clean! Happy cleaning everyone!

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Wall Tiles Hernando Beach Top wall tile trends of 2016

As the year is coming to an end we like to go through all of the trends of the year in Hernando Beach. Wall tiles have changed a lot in the last year. There are many different options that homeowners are starting to put into their bathrooms and kitchens to add a new look to their home – and they are loving the outcome. Here is a list of the latest wall tile trends that have taken over the home decorating scene:

3D effect wall tiles – Having a bold wall of tiles that give a 3D effect has been the latest in home décor trends. This not only adds a new-aged feel to your home but also makes the wall in your home a piece of art more than anything else.

Fragment wall tiles – This is pretty new but growing quickly in popularity. Taking pieces of tile that are not very symmetrical and putting them on the wall adds a unique feel to wall tiles. It is very eye-catching and gives the room a larger, more open feel.

Oversized wall tiles – The bigger the tile, the more fun! These oversized wall tiles add height to the room and can be done to all walls without feeling overdone. It adds texture that you just can’t get with paint and is becoming homeowner’s go-to when deciding on wall-tiles.

What makes wall tiles so great is that they come in so many colors, shapes, and arrangements. You are always able to stay on trend but still add in your own design aesthetic. This is why we love wall tiles! Hernando Beach homeowners are jumping all over these new trends. Not only does it add to your home visually but it also increases the value of your home!

Come in to Proline Tile and find out all the options we have! With our knowledgeable employees, you can have all your questions answered and find the best option for you and your home! Don’t settle with any other tile company. We have everything you could ever need and for great prices!

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Wall Tiles Spring Hill How a glass tile backsplash can change your kitchen

Are you finally ready to re-do your kitchen? One of the best ways to give your kitchen a make-over is adding in a modern, clean and stylish back splash. This adds extra pizzazz and instantly makes everything look more expensive. When it comes to picking out a back splash you have many different options of wall tiles. Spring Hill locals that are renovating their homes are going more towards glass wall tiles over any other option. Glass wall tiles are a great option for any style because they are diverse in shape and the color options are endless.

Why choose glass wall tiles for your back splash?

Shape and size – One of the best things about glass wall tiles are the shapes and sizes. Unlike other wall tile options, they are able to be broken down into small pieces and formed in many different ways. This gives you more options to choose from and also what best fits your style.

Timeless – When choosing any update for you home you want to make sure it’s not a fade that will soon fade. Even if you plan on staying in the home for years to come – you never know what the future holds and you may need to sell your home. Glass wall tiles are classy and sophisticated and with the different accents can be hip and modern as well.

Easy to care for – Glass wall tiles are beautiful and easy to clean! Since glass is a non-porous material, nothing can really settle into it. This is why glass wall tiles are the number one choice for a kitchen! If you love cooking, you know that sometimes it can get a little messy, with a glass back splash your kitchen will always look fresh and clean!

If you are looking for wall tiles in Spring Hill, look no further! Here at ProLine Tile, we have been serving the area for years and have many glass wall tile options that will suite everyone’s tastes! Still not sold on the glass tile? We have many other back splash options that you can choose from! Come in today and see how we can help you get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!

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Wall Tiles Brooksville Why you should remodel your bathroom today

Remodeling a bathroom has to be one of the most exciting parts of a renovation. Having a beautiful and fresh bathroom makes getting ready for the day a pleasure and even more of a pleasure to wind down your day. Choosing the perfect calming color scheme is important but the most important part is the shower. Whether you are partial to the bathtub shower combo or more interested in the stand-up shower it is vital that the design is right. One of the top design aspects that come to mind is the wall tiles. Brooksville homeowners sometimes find it hard to find the perfect wall tiles for the bathroom – this is why we are here to help!

What are some different wall tile types?

  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Stone

What is the best wall tile type for a bathroom?

Any of these tiles will work great in a bathroom wall or even on the floor. What works best is based more on personal style than anything else. Marble is more modern and stone is timeless, while ceramic is more affordable. Consider the style of the rest of the bathroom, as well as your budget, and then make the best decision based on that!

Choosing to renovate a bathroom is not something to be taken lightly – it is hard work (even if you’re not doing it yourself). Making the right decisions on all the parts can be stressful, but it is always worth it. Finding the perfect wall tiles near Brooksville may seem like an added stress – but luckily you have us, Pro Line Tile close by. We have a wide variety of flooring and wall tiles to make your bathroom renovation a breeze. Our friendly staff can also help you decide what is going to work for your home and what is not. Don’t let the renovation get the best of you! This is an exciting time and doesn’t need to be a pain when you come to Pro Line Tile.

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