Floor Tiles Hernando Beach Best tiles to get when revamping your bathroom

One of the most popular rooms to revamp in homes are bathrooms. This a place where a lot of time is spent, not just for the home owner but their guests as well. So, it makes a lot of sense why people want to make sure their bathroom looks its best and holds up over time. One of the most important parts of a bathroom renovation is the flooring.

With so many flooring options out there, where does a home owner start in Hernando Beach? Floor tiles seems to be the best option for a bathroom. Not only does it hold up well over time but it lasts even through the constant moisture that builds up in the bathroom. But now that we’ve narrowed it down to floor tiles – which floor tiles are the best in a bathroom?

Porcelain Tiles This is the most popular choice for those who are redoing their bathroom floor. Due to its durability and water resistant abilities it will be long lasting and won’t grow mold like other flooring options.

Ceramic Tiles – These floor tiles are also a great choice for those who like easy maintenance. They are very water resistant and will hold up over time even with the moisture and traffic.

Slate Floor Tiles – One of the more expensive choices, but definitely the most visually appealing so far. These tiles are not only beautiful and modern but are also waterproof and slip resistant. They will also last much longer than most floor tiles and will almost never crack.

Limestone Tiles – Limestone floor tiles is a great choice for your bathroom because it is versatile and not overly expensive. What make limestone so great is it looks great throughout the home so you can stick to one type of flooring for consistency.

We, at Proline Tile, want to make sure those in Hernando Beach get floor tiles they want and that will last in their home. We have a wide variety of different types of flooring with an extremely knowledgeable staff! Come experience the difference today!

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