Flooring Masaryktown Tips to Choose the Best Flooring

Masaryktown natives who are ready to replace their flooring can choose from a variety of different options, but picking the right flooring style for your unique needs can be a real challenge. Don’t be one of those homeowners who realizes that they installed the wrong type of flooring a few weeks down the road! Consider these important points as you pick out new flooring for your home.

How to Pick the Right Flooring

Masaryktown homeowners should start by giving some thought to their aesthetic preferences and their lifestyle. Do you have pets and children who are likely to cause stains, scratches and other flooring damage? Are you sensitive to allergens and dust mites that may accumulate in a carpeting? Do you have the time to vacuum and shampoo your carpets on a regular basis? Are you going to be willing to go through the messy and costly process of sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors in 10 or 15 years down the road? These are all important considerations.

Carpet is available in many styles and price points, plus it can look great. But keeping it looking great can be a challenge, especially if you have children or pets. Plus, anyone with allergies can suffer, even if you vacuum and steam clean on a frequent basis.

Often, opting for hardwood flooring, laminate or tile with a large area rug (which is fairly easy to wash and replace if necessary) is the better choice.

Hardwood flooring is another popular option. Your hardwood floors can last for many years, but hardwood is far more prone to damage than tile. If you damage your hardwood floors, you may need to invest in sanding and refinishing, which is a dusty and time-consuming project that typically requires attention from a professional. Laminate is another option that can provide you with a similar look as hardwood, without some of the expense and installation challenges of hardwood flooring.

Masaryktown residents can also consider tile, which is a top pick amongst homeowners due to its durability, affordability, longevity and the comparative ease of installation. What’s more, in the rare case that a tile is damaged (usually a crack from dropping a heavy object or improper installation of a tile on an uneven surface), it’s possible to replace just that one tile. Grout can also be replaced with relative ease in the event that it’s damaged or stained.

Tile is available in many different styles and there’s no fear of issues with indoor air quality, since tile won’t harbor allergens like carpeting, nor will it emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other indoor air pollutants that may emanate from some varieties of carpeting and hardwood flooring finishes.

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