Flooring Ridge Manor Wood flooring trends 2016

We say, yes! Wood flooring is a trend that will never fade. It has the ability to be classic and modern all at once. We love wood flooring! Ridge Manor is an area that has many brand new homes that are all starting to incorporate hard wood flooring. Why is this? Beyond the fact that it’s on trend, it also is sturdy and hold up over time. This is very appealing when building a brand new home – long lasting in every way! But the greatest part of wood flooring is the fact that there are so many different types!

Here are just some of the 2016 wood flooring trends:

Dark, darker, darkest. The darker the better. People are gravitating towards the darkest floors possible to go with their modern looking homes and paint colors. It also offers a really clean and contemporary look that you just can’t find with lighter colored wood flooring.

Gray. Gray colored wood floors are a new trend that seem to be ideal for those who want something a bit more unique but won’t go out of style. This look is growing in popularity among brand new apartment complexes in Ridge Manor. Flooring like that is mostly desirable due to its ability to go with just about any look.

White oak. This is a timeless look of a light colored wood flooring that give the entire home a rustic feel. Although, this is a list of new wood flooring trends – there is nothing new about this look. It’s classic, beautiful, and here to stay!

Wood flooring is clearly the top flooring choice for 2016 and that doesn’t seem to be changing for years to come.

Our mission, at Proline Tile, is to give our customers beautiful flooring at great prices. All while, teaching each one what the best choice is for their home. When it comes to wood, we will show you each of your options and you’ll get the satisfaction knowing the quality! Stopping into our showroom can give you a better idea of what is going to fit your style and needs!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Proline Tile Distributors*