Laminates Brooksville What is the difference between laminate and hardwood floors?

Some people when purchasing a new home or renovating their existing residence do like the idea of carpet. For some, it is hard to keep clean or gets ruined to easily with pets and small children. Ideally, a wood floor is easier to manage and looks more aesthetically pleasing than carpet, but what is the difference between laminate and hardwood floors?

When deciding between hardwoods and laminates, Brooksville residents are most likely to consider the price right off the bat. Laminate floors are cheaper, but that is because they are not a solid piece of wood like hardwood. Laminate floors are actually made of composite wood that has been pressed together with high temperatures. Next, an image of hardwood is placed over the composite wood to give it a more authentic look. On average, laminate installation will have a homeowner paying fifty percent less than on an installation of hardwood flooring.

Another difference between hardwoods and laminates, Brooksville residents should be aware about the durability of these floorings. Hardwood is real wood, so moisture and humidity will greatly influence the look and longevity of your hardwood floors. Laminate floors on the other hand are pressed wood, making it more resistant to water and moisture damage. Resistance to moisture helps keep the color and shape of your floor overtime. Hardwoods are also easier to scratch than laminates so it is important to consider the amount of foot traffic when installing new flooring.

One last thing homeowners should consider before committing to hardwoods or laminates, Brooksville residents have to think about when they think they want to do something again to their floors. Hardwoods are much easier to repair than laminate. Real wood can be sanded down or refinished. However, laminate floors are easier to replace than repair, but depending on the age, lighting of the room, heat, and humidity, a laminate floor and become warped, making it harder to replace just one section.

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