Wall Tiles Hernando Beach Top wall tile trends of 2016

As the year is coming to an end we like to go through all of the trends of the year in Hernando Beach. Wall tiles have changed a lot in the last year. There are many different options that homeowners are starting to put into their bathrooms and kitchens to add a new look to their home – and they are loving the outcome. Here is a list of the latest wall tile trends that have taken over the home decorating scene:

3D effect wall tiles – Having a bold wall of tiles that give a 3D effect has been the latest in home décor trends. This not only adds a new-aged feel to your home but also makes the wall in your home a piece of art more than anything else.

Fragment wall tiles – This is pretty new but growing quickly in popularity. Taking pieces of tile that are not very symmetrical and putting them on the wall adds a unique feel to wall tiles. It is very eye-catching and gives the room a larger, more open feel.

Oversized wall tiles – The bigger the tile, the more fun! These oversized wall tiles add height to the room and can be done to all walls without feeling overdone. It adds texture that you just can’t get with paint and is becoming homeowner’s go-to when deciding on wall-tiles.

What makes wall tiles so great is that they come in so many colors, shapes, and arrangements. You are always able to stay on trend but still add in your own design aesthetic. This is why we love wall tiles! Hernando Beach homeowners are jumping all over these new trends. Not only does it add to your home visually but it also increases the value of your home!

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