Wall Tiles Masaryktown Wall Tiles Purchase & Maintenance

When it comes to tile maintenance, where you buy your wall tiles Masaryktown will influence the quality and consequently your ability to maintain them so that they can serve their purpose for the longest time possible. How your tiles are installed in the first place also affects how well they can survive cleaning and maintenance. If the installation was poor, cleaning them on a regular basis will lead to them falling apart earlier than should be expected.

However suppose you bought your tiles from a reputable retailer such as Proline Tile Distributors and had a qualified tile professional install them for you, there are certain maintenance tips that can help ensure that they give you service for many years to come without any damage.

General Guidelines

Frequency. The number one key to ensuring your wall tiles Masaryktown Tiles stay in top shape is by cleaning them regularly. Especially your bathroom tiles which are exposed to moisture most of the time and kitchen tiles which experience high traffic and dirt frequently. It is easiest to clean your bathroom wall tiles when the bathroom is steamy and warm or after taking a hot shower. Alternatively, you can run a hot shower before cleaning the wall tiles so as to loosen the grime and dirt on the walls.

You could use a natural solution which is preferred because of its non-toxicity or an environment-friendly over the counter bathroom wall tile cleaner.

Glass & Ceramic Tiles

Cleaning your glass or ceramic wall tiles Masaryktown is the easiest to tackle as long as they have a glaze on them. When using a commercial cleaner, ensure the product is appropriate for cleaning grout found between the tiles.

Use a cleaner that will not be abrasive or cause scratches on the tile. Soft cloth, mop or sponge are ideal for the job.

Ensure you rinse off all the product after cleaning using clean water and then dry the wall thereafter using a microfiber cloth which helps maintain the tiles’ shine. Glazed tiles rarely stains but the grout between them is likely to so pay particular attention there when cleaning. You could use a toothbrush to scrub off the dirt from the grout.


Other than staining, over time, the grout between your wall tiles but break down and fall off leaving spaces in between your tiles and this can lead to breaking or cracking of wall tiles. If the grout is extensively damaged, your tiles could fall off from the wall.

You can get a professional to re-grout your walls or do it yourself. Premixed and powdered grout is available in local stores and comes with details instructions on how to apply them. They are also affordable and not hard to apply on your own. After application, leave the grout overnight so that it sets properly before buffing off the excess using a soft cotton cloth.

Proline Tile Distributors care about your wall tiles Masaryk town space and that is why they give you customer service beyond the sale of your wall tiles. If you need any help with maintenance, buy your tiles from Proline Tile Distributors and you’ll get the best after sale assistance.

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