Wall Tiles Ridge Manor How to Choose the Right Wall Tiles for Your Space

Just because it’s a wall tile doesn’t mean it can be applied to any wall. Some wall tiles are specifically designed for the kitchen walls, bathroom walls, living area and so on and so forth. To meet your wall tiles Ridge Manor needs, you must know exactly what to look out for.
Whether you’re building or renovating your space, getting the right tiles that serve the function and blend in with your décor can be frustrating but not when you know how to go about it.
Consider the Area
Are the tiles you’re looking for going to be applied in a high traffic area? Will they be in an area exposed to sun, rain or water?
The good thing about wall tiles is that you can use some floor tiles as wall tiles. So if you find a really nice floor tile that blends in with all the other elements in your space, you can consider using it on your wall as well.
The kitchen is considered a high traffic environment and you, therefore, pick durable tiles that are slightly darker and those that conceal dirt and scratches for your kitchen wall. Go for PEI 3 tile rating for your kitchen.
Because bathrooms and bedrooms are considered low traffic zones, PEI 1 and 2 rated tiles are suitable for this spaces. These tend to be less heavy and lighter in color.
If you want to have tiles on your outside walls, then consider going for frost resistant tiles that can withstand harsh weather conditions be it too much sunlight or wet conditions. Natural stone and porcelain tiles are the most ideal for your outdoor walls.
Because the bathroom and kitchen walls are likely to get splashed with water on a regular basis when picking wall tiles for this area consider slip resistance as well as water absorption.
Choosing the Right Type of Tile
When it comes to types of tiles to choose from, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. From porcelain, glazed porcelain, to ceramic and so much more.
Porcelain is one of the strongest types of tile and it possesses incredible resistance to stains. It I made from ceramic materials just like glazed ceramic tiles, but the pressing is usually fired higher than what you’d find in ceramic tiling. They are therefore ideal for high traffic areas and the outdoors.
When it comes to porcelain tiles for your wall Tiles Ridge Manor home, you can go for unglazed or glazed porcelain. Unglazed porcelain tiles usually have uniform color and a glaze that adds to their aesthetics. They are therefore ideal for bathrooms and the outdoors because they possess frost resistance. When in large pieces, they look great in open plan living spaces.
If you’re looking for an imitation of natural stone, then inkjet ceramic are perfect. They are trendy and cheaper than natural stone tiles and ideal for those seeking a natural look. They go very well with wooden flooring and look great in open living spaces.
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